Green Square Campaign 2020

Warm Greetings, Kia ora and As-salāmu ʿalaykum

The one year anniversary since the Christchurch terror attack where 51 people were murdered is rapidly approaching. We want you to be part of the first ever Green Square Campaign to acknowledge this horrific event and stand in solidarity with the Muslim community.

The Green Square Campaign originated in Quebec after the 2017 Mosque attack in which six people were murdered and a further 19 injured when a man opened fire just before 8:00 pm, shortly after the end of evening prayers. The green symbolises both the carpet of the Mosque as well as being a colour often associated with Islam more generally.

The Green Square Campaign is a Muslim community-based campaign to build community understanding and religious tolerance. The idea is simple: we are encouraging people to wear the sticker in the days leading up to March 15th, much in the same way as people wear a pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness. We also encourage people to take a photo wearing the sticker and share with our social media using the hashtags #StandAgainstIslamophobia #GreenSquareCampaign

You can download resources below. Stickers have been sent to community centres and libraries around the country, and will also be available at March 15th commemorations in Auckland and Christchurch. You can also just wear a small piece of green fabric to the same effect. Thank you.