The Foundation Against Islamophobia and Racism Aotearoa New Zealand (FAIR)

Who we are

FAIR is an independent, grassroots, Muslim-led organisation founded in the wake of the Christchurch terrorist attacks to address Islamophobia and racism in Aoteaora New Zealand. It is a voluntary not-for-profit organisation. FAIR was formed to
  • Monitor, document and eradicate Islamophobia
  • Provide a voice and an information channel for the victims of the Christchurch terrorist attack
  • Educate to create a Muslim and Migrant tolerant society that supports the aspirations of Tangata Whenua for Tino Rangatiratanga

FAIR Advisory Board

Ibrahim Abdulahi Ali
Ibrahim was born in Somali West of Ethiopia, known as Somali State of Ethiopia, and lived for many years in Somalia. He moved to India at the end of 2005, and did his Bachelor of Commerce degree at Osmania University, majoring in Accounting and Finance. He is a teacher in Islamic studies and African community leader. Ibrahim came to New Zealand in 2013. He advocates for refugees and immigrants to Aotearoa New Zealand and is involved with many not-for-profit organisations in the refugee sector. Ibrahim is the FAIR community liaison.

Rafiqah Sulaiman binti Abdullah
Rafiqah is Filipina convert based in Tamaki Makaurau (Auckland). She came here to Aotearoa in 2002, and has been supporting social justice from the sidelines until recently when she took a more proactive role. Her interests are mental health and wellbeing especially rainbow diversity. She has a background as a student group facilitator, and is currently one of the FAIR social media coordinators.

Faisal Al-Assad
Faisal is a writer and academic researcher and educator based in Tāmaki Makaurau (Auckland). He and his family are originally from Iraq and migrated here in 1999. Faisal is coordinating the FAIR educational outreach programmes.

Azad Khan
Azad migrated to NZ from Fiji in 1999. He did his undergraduate degree in Malaysia and postgraduate (MBA) from AUT. He worked at Telecom NZ for 10 years where his areas of expertise were in business strategy/international business/consulting and agile product management. He is on the School Board of Trustees; has served as Vice President and Secretary for South Auckland Muslim Association. Azad is the FAIR government liaison.

Umitwar Abdullah
Umitwar is an ethnic Uyghur living in Auckland. Like many other Uyghurs living abroad, communications with his family have been cut off since early 2017 because of the situation in his homeland of East Turkistan. Umitwar chooses to act for peace and freedom, and hopes he can bring some positive changes here and there for people in great danger.

Aarif Rasheed
Aarif is a lawyer at JustCommunity, a community-centred justice and advocacy service based in Sandringham. Aarif is an advisor for FAIR.

What we do

FAIR is developing projects to meet our aims as capacity and resourcing allows. These projects include

  • Community workshops on Islamophobia and legal rights
  • Providing a portal of information relating to victims of the March 15 white supremacist terrorist attack
  • Engaging in advocacy against and public awareness of racism & Islamophobia
  • Monitoring and reporting on Islamophobia

Opportunities to work for FAIR

FAIR is seeking skilled people from all backgrounds to assist with our work. At present we are looking for

  • Wordpress website developer Bring your web skills to keep our site up-to-date with the latest info
  • App developer Turn our Report Islamophobia form into an smartphone app for ease of use
  • Advisory groups members People with experience doing anti-racism and intersectional solidarity work from different communities
  • Graphic designer Please bring your amazing graphics skills to our team to improve our printed and online comms
Please contact us if you would like to get involved. Although most members are in Auckland, FAIR is represented by people around the country.

The word 'Islam' means 'peace.' The word 'Muslim' means 'one who surrenders to God.' But the press makes us seem like haters.

Muhammad Ali